Our Story

Our story, or how and why it all began:

I don’t remember where I read: “Reading and writing are acts of discovery; the motion picture copies images, the photograph captures the bird in its flight, reading and writing are flight itself.”
The Short Story Project was founded upon the belief that reading is an experience that can make a difference. An experience that enables reflection on the human condition, inspires empathy, and encourages examination. We believe reading is more than a pastime, it is an activity that can serve as a bridge between people and cultures, a sounding board for voices and ideas.
Stories have been passed down the generational pipeline, by word of mouth, etched on stone, written on parchment, printed… Now we keep them in a digital sounding board that enables them to be shared by all, to migrate and cross geographical boarders, territorial battlements and language barriers. We aim to promote a lively, stimulating presence of short fiction in contemporary culture, to let the voices of writers from across the world be heard and resonate.

Or perhaps I would put it this way:

I remember the tent, the straw mat, the phantom figures and objects that Sarin the Bedouin used to surround us with, as if they were born out of the flickering coals reflected in his eyes.   I remember the morning sun scorching, turning the hawks’ cheeks red under their yellow glare. And how I would shove branches into the burrow holes and chase away the mice and snakes, the hawks diving and devouring them alive.   I remember myself going to the wadi, letting the hungry quicksand envelope me, until, miraculously, a large rock as if lent its shoulder to my feet and helped me steady myself.

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