Just a Few Millimeters

Sergio del Molino On:

Just a Few Millimeters by Sara Mesa

Sara Mesa is a master of tension and unease. With her novels Cuatro por cuatro (Four times four) and Cicatriz (Scar) she’s proven herself to be a versatile and extremely efficient narrator but her prose thrives in the shorter form thanks to the elegance of her composition and her skillful employment of expressive economy. “Just a Few Millimeters” is a bold story (in dual sense: morally and aesthetically) in which playful shifts in perspective put compassion and kindness to the test. Who is benevolent and who is despicable here? Launching the story from a small but inexorable conflict (a student with severe disabilities wants to attend the Sex Ed. Seminar with the rest of his class), Sara Mesa throws the reader into this uncomfortable situation in order to explore our true ability to understand others and to accurately perceive our own kindness. Employing very few elements, she guides us down into hell. An impeccable story in many ways. 

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