Outside the Door

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Outside the Door by Clemens Meyer

Clemens Meyer is perhaps the most exciting German author of his generation. In his short stories, as well as in his two novels, he unveils the anxieties, the struggle, and the longing for salvation of human existence. Born in 1977 in Halle, East Germany, he wrote his stunning first novel, „Als wir träumten“ („When We Were Dreaming“), about young desperados, just after the fall of the Berlin wall, when the system had collapsed and dreams ruled. In that state of anarchy, the young heros party, fight, and drive their lives against the wall, illuminating the crazyness, the glamour and the magic of the world we live in. His writing can be ruthless and irritating, yet at times poetic and sensual. His story of a man desperately trying to get into his locked apartment is at once slapstick comedy, a timelss picture of vanity, and a rumination on death and loss. Clemens Meyer shows us a picture of humanity filled with greatness, pride and pity. 

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