Six Ways to Jump off a Bridge

Yoav Katz On:

Six Ways to Jump off a Bridge by Brian Leung

Brian Leung was a fairly young man when he wrote this story, which was first published in Story magazine in the late 90’s. It’s important to mention this fact because it indicates his talent to accurately convey emotion, describing it clearly, finely and nonetheless powerfully, as if it were part of his own life experience, as if it were part of the bridge built across the waterfalls in the story. “Six Ways” is a story about old grudges and guilt, hope and regret, the fear of losing people and the people you’ve already lost, the profound and pathetic solitude of an aging man, the loneliness that he blames himself for, and about the inability to live with mistakes despite the strong will to turn back time. It’s a story that stirs my emotions and makes me wiser every time I read it, and one which resonates strongly as the years pass and I begin encountering those kind of moments more often.

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