The Onlookers

Petra Gropp On:

The Onlookers by Kathrin Röggla

Our world has entered a constant state of emergency. We are continually confronted with pictures of climate change, political upheavals, and collapsing infrastructures. We hear the sounds of panic: financial crises, epidemic plagues, and spectacular kidnappings. We watch scenes of panic, rescue missions, and security activities as if they were fiction. Indeed, these stories of disaster could be taken for Hollywood movies. Are we the heroes in a catastrophe movie? The anti-heroes? Are our lives a worst-case-scenario? Experts, curious onlookers and participants staring at the catastrophe and asking themselves: “Did we survive?” Kathrin Röggla reflects on the narration of catastrophe. She analyzes the language of panic, the jargon-laden rhetoric of experts, and the delusive doublespeak of security, creating an artisitic echo of the sounds of apocalypse. 

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