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Diary of a Newspaper Reader

Diary of a Newspaper Reader - story

Eduardo Berti

Thursday, July 6 I’m sitting down to write because I finally have something to tell you. The boy from the newsstand didn’t bring me the paper today. I went to complain. On the way there…

Talitha Kumi

Talitha Kumi - story

Yitzhak Auerbach-Orpaz

In September everyone’s looking for an apartment. Especially in Jerusalem. Especially students. This is the busy season for Yochanan Dvir, apartment renovator and owner of a few of them himself. Two small apartments which he…

The Size of My Love

The Size of My Love - story

Fernanda Trías

It was the whole matter of the gifts that made her think back to that night. Whenever they fought and he threw her out of the house, he always made her return the gifts he’d…

Notes From a Spider

Notes From a Spider - story

Camilla Grudova

These notes were found in a leather binder, written on loose-leaf paper of good quality. The binder was stuffed in an old trunk, underneath a moth-eaten fox fur, small black records, many broken needles, tattered…

The Snow Traveller

The Snow Traveller - story

Ayfer Tunç

Day had broken long ago. The mountains on whose peaks black clouds settled sparkled under a cold blue as though reporting that the pause given during the night by the snow that had snowed thus…


Dune - story

Dorit Peleg

Paul Nimoro was Japanese. He was many things; but above all, he was Japanese and he valued the qualities he knew he had inherited‒ precision, self-discipline and along with them, perhaps less visible but still…

The Islands

The Islands - story

Marina Perezagua

To Narciso, protector of shipwrecks The kids insisted on buying an inflatable float on our way to the beach. They chose the biggest one, a yellow circle with some rocks and a crab in relief….


Maestoso - story

Jorge Volpi

Voulez-vous le récit de ces folles amours? (Offenbach, Les Contes de Hoffmann) The frenetic applause barely moves her. The endless “Bravos!” from an audience universally on its feet in front of the stage — faces…


Ptosis - story

Guadalupe Nettel

My father’s job, like many in this city, is parasitic. A professional photographer, he would have starved to death—along with his entire family—if it hadn’t been for Doctor Ruellan’s generous proposal which, in addition to…

False Alarm

False Alarm - story

Gonzalo Hernández

I watched him as he walked, scrutinizing his gait. He had a carefree, insouciant, irresponsible swagger. He didn’t give a damn how long the thing was howling for: minutes, hours, a day or even days….

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