Juan Rulfo

Juan Rulfo

Juan Rulfo (1917-1986) was a Mexican writer, screenwriter and photographer. Rulfo is considered one of the most important writers in 20th-century Latin America, though his production – consisting of essentially two books – was very small. As a child growing up in the rural countryside, Rulfo witnessed the latter part (1926–29) of the violent Cristero rebellion in western Mexico. His family of prosperous landowners lost a considerable fortune. Rulfo’s father was killed in 1923 and his mother died in 1927. His first book, The Burning Plain (El llano en llamas, 1953) is a collection of realistic short stories centered on life in rural Mexico around the time of the Mexican Revolution. His second book, Pedro Páramo (1955), a short novel, is set in a mythical hell on earth inhabited only by the dead. Pedro Páramo is considered one of the most influential Latin American novel of the 20th-century. Juan Rulfo died from lung cancer in 1986.


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