The Short Story Project is an online space
dedicated to the art of the short story form.

We’re a tight knit group of editors, translators and creatives passionate about literature, stories and storytelling.

We think literature is and always has been the perfect tool to capture the amazing and the outrageous, the absurd and the mystifying, the ordinary and overlooked, the human condition in all its glorious complexity and intricacy.

To prove that, we have tasked ourselves with gathering and selecting short stories from all over the world and make them accessible in multiple languages and audio in an effort to create a curated, polyphonic panoply of distinct, short literature.


Short Stroies?

As Julio Cortázar once put it:

The novel wins by points, the short story by knockout.

They’re curt, succinct and powerful.

As Julio Cortázar once put it:

The novel wins by points, the short story by kockout.

They’re curt, succinct and powerful.

Because we respect your time and so should you.

Others may offer libraries with countless titles. We’re offering you a good library.



Each story featured in our collection has been personally vetted by our editors and chosen because it has an added value. We want to bring you only those that touched us. Stories which will pique your curiosity and challenge your assumptions, stories that matter.


We can’t promise you’ll always like them, but we can promise they’ll make you think.
Also, we have great taste, really (all we do is read).

are we?

Meet the people who made this possible.

Iftach Alony
founder & editor in chief
Ina Pardo
Product • Dev • Art Director
Maya Feldman
Former Editor in Chief
Adam Blumenthal
Spanish Lit Editor & translator
Olga Sonkin
Russian Lit Editor & Translator
Miri Viksman
Spanish Lit Editor & Translator
Yoav Rosen
Classics editor
Reem Ghanayem
Arabic lit Editor

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