Write Stories

“Reading and writing are acts of discovery;
the motion-picture duplicates images,
the photograph captures the bird in its flight,
reading and writing are flight itself.”

A home for readers

We’re on a voyage, a mission, a quest. A quest to promote reading and writing around the world.

We believe short stories amplify the will to read, help the world get back to reading, deepen imagination and creativity, and, well, make the world a better place.

Short stories are today’s most accessible form of writing. They’re like a long novel, concentrated into a powerful, insightful, bite-size piece of goodness.

That’s why recording all our short stories into audio stories made perfect sense. That’s why we didn’t stop there and we translated our hand-picked short stories to multiple languages.


Curating short stories was once our only mission, it’s what we did day and night. That’s how we have over 2000 short stories in over 30 languages.


But we felt something was missing.. Building a platform for consuming short stories, whether by reading or by listening to audio stories, felt like a job half-well-done.

A home for writers

Now that we’ve built a home for readers, what about the writers?”, we asked ourselves. Following our founders’ vision, we went on, and built a home for writers, to enable and broaden readership, to get objective and effective feedback, to improve as a writer, and to gain inspiration. We are focused on tackling  the biggest challenges writers face today.


Curating and hand-picking amazing short stories only goes so far. It doesn’t change the world.“, our founders have always said.We must democratize the way short stories are assessed and critiqued, and lead a movement to change the way publishing works today. Writers shouldn’t get the short end of the stick“.


All writing platforms out there today provide writers with a place to store their works for people to read. The only problem is that readers don’t magically appear… Writers must advertise their works on their own, or maybe even hire an agency. This, of course, doesn’t come cheap!


With The Short Story Project Writing Platform, writers are able to reach a wide audience with a click of a button. This is something that’s NEVER been done before. We do the “dirty work” for you. We can’t help it, we love marketing.

Technology & Innovation

Short story curation was and will always be an integral piece of our vision. Our team of content editors have done an amazing job of amassing over 2000 short stories. 


With The Short Story Writing Platform our gates are now open to all writers around the world. This means that we have fundamentally changed the way short stories are judged and rated, and have successfully democratized short story creation and consumption.

Reading and writing short stories will never be the same again.


Our underlying technology and algorithms have been developed to provide maximum value to writers and readers alike. Using our cutting-edge innovations we turn hungry short story loving readers to the stories they love. This, of course, benefits both the writers and readers.


We’re here to help talented writers get acknowledged for what we deserve. As writers ourselves, we know how unforgiving the traditional and even the self-publishing industry can be.

What we think about your rights

It is our true cause to promote reading around the world, by enabling and promoting writers and their works. Some may see this cause as presumptuous or may even contest it.

As writers ourselves, we’ve felt the pain of having our rights trampled on. We know there has to be another way for this industry to operate.


That’s why we will never be a part of the problem. You will always own the rights to your stories.


Some of us are dreamers, some of us are builders, and together we make a better world for short story lovers.

Iftach Aloni


Matan Elmalam

Co-founder & CEO

Yoel Eilat

VP Products

Tamar Shtang

Operations Manager

Dor Mazuz

Full-stack Developer

Olga Sonkin

Content Editor