Andrea Jeftanovic

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Andrea Jeftanovic Avdaloff is a Chilean writer. Born in Santiago in 1970, she is considered one of the most prominent authors of her country. She is the author of the novels Escenario de Guerra (2000) and Geografía de la lengua (2007), and of two volumes of short stories: No aceptes caramelos de extraños (2013) and […]

Alejandra Costamagna

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Alejandra Costamagna Crivelli is a Chilean writer and journalist. She was born in 1970 in Santiago, to Argentine parents who arrived in Chile in 1967 fleeing the dictatorship of General Juan Carlos Onganía. She is the author of four novels and five collections of short stories. Although she has continued to write novels, Costamagna has […]

Alejandro Zambra

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Alejandro Zambra (Santiago de Chile, 1975), is a Chilean writer, essayist, and poet. He has published two poetry books, an essay collection, a short story collection, and three novels. He holds a P.h.D. from the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile. His stories and articles have been published in many prestigious literary magazines, such as The […]

Kato Ramone

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Kato Ramone was born in 1972. He is a Chilean writer, poet, translator, and graphic artist. He was a political prisoner in Chile for more than a decade. He has published two poetry books, one short story collection, and one novel.   Photo: © Alvaro de la Fuente/  

Gonzalo Hernández

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Gonzalo Hernández Suarez was born in Santiago de Chile, in 1978. He has a Bachelor and Teacher Degree in Philosophy. He worked in various jobs, such as cashier, messenger, journalist, day laborer, and others. Currently, he is a teacher of Ethics in Universidad Mayor, in Santiago de Chile, and also conducts literary workshops for prisoners in […]

Roberto Bolaño

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Roberto Bolaño (1953-2003), 20th-century Chilean poet and novelist, was born in Santiago, Chile. At fifteen, he moved with his family to Mexico and there became a Trotskyite and a journalist. In 1973, he returned to Chile and enlisted in Allende’s party, but was imprisoned for a week after the military coup of general Pinochet. He […]

Juan Pablo Roncone

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Juan Pablo Roncone was born in Arica, Chile, in 1982. At the age of nineteen he moved to Santiago, where he studied law in the Universidad de Chile. Brother Deer is his first book.