Jaroslav Hašek

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Jaroslav Hašek (1883-1923) was a Czech journalist, satirist, and author. He has written over 1,500 short stories, a portion of which were collected to became his major work of prose, the novel The Good Soldier Švej. On the futility of war and his own sincere agenda toward his readers, he has written the following: “It […]

Franz Kafka

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“I am nothing but literature,” he self-proclaimed, “and can and want to be nothing else.” Franz Kafka, born in Prague in 1883, to a German-speaking Jewish family, wrote in German and left one of the most influential philosophical and literary legacies in the 20th century. Kafka worked as a clerk in an insurance company, and […]

Jáchym Topol

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Jáchym Topol was born in Prague in 1962. In the eighties, he began publishing subversive poems and established himself as a familiar spokesperson for Czechoslovakia’s fringe culture. Until the early nineties, he was a member of the underground band Psí vojáci. In 1988 he won the Tom Stoppard Award, which has been awarded to Czech writers […]