Asmaa al-Ghol

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Asmaa al-Ghol is a Palestinian journalist from the Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip, where she was born in 1982. She currently lives in France. A human rights activist, she also writes essays on literature and culture for newspapers and periodicals, including Al-Hayat (London), Al-Ayyam (Palestine) and the online Romman cultural review. Her first short story collection, […]

Atef Abu Saif

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Atef Abu Saif is a Palestinian writer. He was born in Jabalia refugee camp in the Gaza Strip in 1973, to a family originally from Jaffa. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Birzeit University, a master’s degree from the University of Bradford (UK), and a P.h.D. in Political and Social Sciences from the University of […]

Talal Abu Shawish

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Talal Abu Shawish is a Palestinian writer. He was born in Nuseirat Refugee Camp in 1967, and is currently Assistant Director of the Boys Preparatory School for Refugees in Gaza. He has published three short story collections – The Rest Are Not For Sale and The Assassination of a Painting (2010), and Goodbye, Dear Prophets (2011) – as well as […]