Zsuzsa Bánk

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Zsuzsa Bánk is a German writer. She was born in 1965, worked as a bookseller and then studied journalism, political science and literature in Mainz and Washington. Today she lives with her husband and two children in Frankfurt am Main. For her first novel “The Swimmer” she was awarded the Aspects Literary Prize, the German […]

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – German poet, statesman, thinker and naturalist. Born on August 28, 1749, in the old German trading city of Frankfurt am Main in the family of the prosperous burgher Johann Caspar Goethe (1710-1782). The first poetic experiments of Goethe refer to the age of eight. In 1765 he went to the […]

Wilhelm Hauff

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Wilhelm Hauff was a German poet and novelist. He was born in 1802 in Stuttgart. He died at the age of twenty-five, and the period of his literary work was comprised within his last two years. This short time however sufficed to express his extraordinary genius. Hauff was the son of August Friedrich Hauff, Government […]

Alexander Kluge

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Alexander Kluge, born in Germany in 1932, is a world-famous author and filmmaker, a lawyer, and a social critic. He has won German’s highest literary award, the George Büchner Prize in addition to his four gold lions from the Venice Film Festival. Kluge is one of the leading intellectual voices in Germany today. Described, as […]

Hartmut Lange

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Hartmut Lange was born in Berlin Spandau, 1937. After studying dramaturgy at the Babelsberg Academy of Film, he started working as a dramaturge in 1960 in East Berlin. After leaving for a trip to Yugoslavia, however, he did not return to the GDR. Instead, he went to West Berlin, working as a dramaturge at various […]

Michel Decar

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Michel Decar was born in Augsburg in 1987. He studied at the LMU Munich and the UDK Berlin. Since 2012 he has written detective novels and plays for theater and radio and won several awards. His latest play “Schere Faust Papier” is currently runnig at the Thalia Theater, Hamburg. *Photo: © Constantin Riess.

Peter Stamm

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Peter Stamm is a Swiss author. He was born in 1963 and studied English, Psychology and Psychopathology for a few semesters before doing various jobs in various places, including Paris and New York. Since his first novel Agnes was published in 1998 he has produced five further novels, five collections of short stories and a […]

Georg Klein

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Georg Klein is a German writer who was born in 1953. He is the author of five novels, several collections of short stories and a detective story. His work has been awarded many prizes, including the Brothers Grimm Prize and the Bachmann Prize. In 2010 he won the Leipzig Book Fair Prize for Roman unserer […]

Antonia Baum

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Born in 1984, Antonia Baum is a German writer and journalist. She studied literature, history and cultural studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Antonia Baum is the author of two novels and a memoir. She has been an editor at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Berlin since February 2012. *Image: Mathias Bothor  

Peter Bichsel

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Peter Bichsel was born in Lucerne in 1935, the son of a craftsman. He trained to be a teacher and taught in a primary school until 1968 (and one last time in 1973). In 1964 he became famous overnight with his first collection of short stories; he was enthusiastically received by Group 47, the German […]