Vered Singer

vered singer

Vered Singer is an Israeli writer, editor, and critic. She was born in 1969 in Petah Tikva and is currently a resident of Tel Aviv. For a decade, she played a variety of editing and writing roles in the print press.  Some of her stories have been published in Haaretz, Newspaper 77, Moznaim and the […]

Etgar Keret

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Born in Ramat Gan in 1967, Etgar Keret is the most popular writer among Israeli youth today. Keret started writing in 1992 and has published three books of short stories, one novella, three books of comics and a children`s book. Bestsellers in Israel, his books have received international acclaim and have been translated into numerous […]

Nir Soffer-Dudek

Nir Soffer Dudek card

Nir lives in the Judean foothills, practically in the forest. He is married to Nirit and together they have three small children and two large dogs. He spends most of his time taking care of them all, carving in wood, playing the oud, and foraging for wild tea herbs. In his spare time, he works […]

Hisham Naffa

Hisham Naffa card

Hisham Naffa is an Arabic writer, journalist, and translator. He is a writer and senior editor at Al-Ittihad, the Arabic daily published in Haifa, and a translator at Tohu Magazine. Among others, he edits the culture and literature pages. He writes in Palestinian and Israeli newspapers. In 2012 he published his debut novel Gentle Collapses. His […]

Sarit Elkon

Sarit Elkon card

Sarit Elkon was born in a small, unmarked village in Moldova in 1973. In 1980 at the age of 7, she immigrated to Israel. She holds a B.A. and M.A. degrees in social work and criminology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 2013 she completed my Ph.D. research in Criminology at the Hebrew University […]

Ilana Hammerman

Ilana Hammerman card

Ilana Hammerman was born in Haifa in 1944. She holds a Ph.D. in linguistics and literary theory from Bielefeld University, Germany. Hammerman has taught literature, translation, and editing at several academic institutions. From 1985 to 2012 she was editor-in-chief at Am Oved Publishing House. Hammerman has published documentary books, literary studies, and memoirs, as well as […]

Deakla Keydar

Deakla Keidar card

Deakla Keydar Is an Israeli author, screenwriter and a creative writing lecturer. She published seven award-winning fiction books for adults, teenagers and children, and several of her titles were translated into German, Greek, and Chinese. Her short stories were featured in Israeli and international anthologies and magazines. Keydar is also a TV and film screenwriter […]

Tehila Hakimi

Tehila Hakimi

Tehila Hakimi (1982) is an Israeli poet, writer and mechanical engineer. Her poetry volume We’ll Work Tomorrow received the 2015 Bernstein Prize for Literature, and, alongside her graphic novel In the Water (2016) and her collection Company (2018), won the Yahushua Rabinowitz Foundation Prize for Literature. Hakimi received the 2018 Levi Eshkol Prize for Hebrew Writers, and the 2018 Fulbright International […]

Edna Shemesh

edna shemesh card

Edna Shemesh is an Israeli writer. She was born in Romania in 1953 and immigrated to Israel with her parents in the early 1960s. The family lived in Kiryat Gat. Shemesh is a graduate of the Hebrew University in English Literature and Theater studies and also studied in the Department of Hebrew Literature. She is […]

Linor Katz

Linor Katz card

Linor Kats is 35 and lives in Ramat-Gan, Israel. She is a student in the Writing Department of Minshar; an Arts college in Tel Aviv. It’s her third year there and in writing, she has found something that she really feels passionate about. As she is also interested in film she hopes to one day […]