Emilia Pardo Bazán

Emilia Pardo Bazán

The countess Emilia Pardo Bazán was a Spanish novelist, journalist, literary critic, poet, playwright, translator, editor and professor. She was born in 1851 and married at the age of sixteen. But rather than following the usual path of an upper-class woman of the time, she became interested in politics and philosophy, separated from her husband, […]

Cristina Fernández Cubas

Cristina Fernandez Cubas card

Cristina Fernández Cubas (1945) is a Spanish writer and journalist who lives and works in Barcelona. Her first collection of short stories, Mi hermana Elba, was published in 1980. Since then she has stood out as a master of this form, which is so essential to the Spanish narrative tradition, and today she is widely […]

Alejandro Morellón

Morellon Alejandro card

Alejandro Morellón was born in Madrid in 1985, but grew up and educated in Palma de Mallorca. In 2010 he was awarded a scholarship by the Antonio Gala Foundation. He has published a short story collection “The night We Fell”,  which won the Monteleón Foundation award, and some of his stories have appeared in magazines […]

María Fernanda Ampuero

Maria Fernanda Ampuero card

María Fernanda Ampuero is a writer and a journalist. She was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1976, and studied literature. She has published articles in newspapers and magazines around the world, Internazionale (Italy), Samuel (Brazil), Piauí (Brazil), Quimera (Spain), Frontera D (Spain), Anfibia (Argentina), Gatopardo (Mexico), Soho (Ecuador/Colombia), Mundo Diners (Ecuador). She has published two non-fiction […]

Recaredo Veredas

Recaredo Veredas

Recaredo Veredas is a Spanish writer. Born in Madrid, he studied Law, Publishing and Creative Writing. He has published six books: a collection of poems, two short-story collections, two essays, and a novel. In 2019 he will publish his second poetry book. He worked in different publishing houses, notably Alfaguara. He was a professor in […]

Hipólito Gonzales Navarro

Hipolito Gonzales Navarro

Hipólito Gonzales Navarro is one of the most original Spanish storytellers today. Born in Huelva, Spain in 1961, he has been living in Seville since 1979. His stories are characterized by addressing the everyday from an unusual perspective,  and have been compared with towering authors like Julio Cortázar.  According to the author himself, writers such as Franz Kafka and Samuel Beckett have also […]

Miguel Serrano Larraz

Miguel S Larraz card

Miguel Serrano Larraz is a Spanish writer, poet and translator, born in Zaragoza, in 1977. He studied Physical Sciences and Hispanic Philology. He has published three books of poetry and three novels, among them Autopsia (2013), winner of the Estado Crítico de Novela Prize 2015. Larraz has published two books of short stories: Órbita (2009), […]

Margarita Leoz

margarita leoz card

Margarita Leoz Munilla is a Spanish philologist, literary critic, poet and writer. She was born in Pamplona in 1980. She holds a degree in French Philology from the University of Salamanca (2002) and in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature from the University of Barcelona (2004). In 2008 she published her first book of poetry, El […]

Cristian Crusat


Cristian Crusat (1983) was born in Spain, being himself both Spanish and Dutch. Crusat received his M.A. in Literature from the Complutense University of Madrid and his M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the International University Menéndez Pelayo in Santander and the Cervantes Institute. Additionally, he has completed his PhD in Comparative Literature at the University […]

Miguel de Unamuno

Miguel de Unamuno Meurisse 1925

Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo was born in 1864 in Bilbao, in the Basque Country, and became a writer, poet and philosopher, and one of the most important intellectuals of modernism in his homeland. He served as a lecturer at the University of Salamanca and was removed from his position as rector for political reasons. […]