Yasin Suleiman

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Novelist and short story writer with an interest in human rights and heritage. Former member of the Association of Sudanese Writers. Bibliography: Love from a Third Party (novel), 1st edn., Dar Merit, Cairo, 2011; 2nd edn., Dar al-Gharib, Cairo, 2011; 3rd edn., Dar Awraq, Cairo, 2015. Mongolian (novel), Dar Merit, Cairo, 2012. Downtown Girls (short […]

Mohamed Hassan AL-Nahat

mohamed hassan al nahat

Born 1990 Mohamed Hassan AL-Nahat is a Sudanese short story writer and physician. He has been awarded a tremendous literary prize on short stories including the prestigious Al-Teybb Saleh and Egyptian Award Najeb Mahfouz Short 2020 Story Awards.  His works gained critical praise. He recently received Eritrea-based Arabic Short-story Prizes Mohammed Saeed Nawed Short Story Award […]

Omayma Abdullah

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Omayma Abdullah is a Sudanese writer. She completed her academic studies in civil engineering and worked in several Sudanese newspapers and magazines. So far, she has published three collections of stories and three novels. Abdullah won the second place in the Fourth Cultural Festival and won first place in an Internet forum on her story […]

Mansour Mohammad El Souwaim

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Mansour Mohammad El Souwaim (1970) is a Sudanese writer, editor and journalist. He was born in Nyala in southern Darfur. He lives and works in Khartoum. El Souwaim started writing in 1990 and was first published in 1995. He has released two novels and two collections of short stories to date. His first novel was […]

Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin

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Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin is a Sudanese writer. He was born in Kassala in 1963 and worked as a consultant for UNICEF in Darfur and as a project manager for the World Bank’s Community Development Fund. He has published many novels and collections of stories, and has been a member of the Sudanese Short Story […]