Ben Marcus

ben marcus

Marcus is the author of three books of fiction: Notable American Women, The Father Costume, and The Age of Wire and String. His stories, essays, and reviews have appeared in numerous publications, including Harper’s, The Paris Review, The Believer, The New York Times, Salon, McSweeney’s, Time, Conjunctions, Nerve, Black Clock, Grand Street, Cabinet, Parkett, The […]

Edgar Allan Poe

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While attending military boarding school as a young cadet, Edgar Allan Poe (1800-1849) was coerced to set the books he owned on fire in order to keep warm. Later in his life, a very poor man, he worked as an editor, consuming his energy in odd jobs. Poe, who was born in Boston and who died […]

Lore Segal

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Lore Segal is an American novelist, translator, teacher, and author of children’s books and a finalist for the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. She was born Lore Groszmann in 1928 in Vienna, the only child of solidly middle-class Jewish parents. Shortly after Hitler’s annexation of Austria, she was one of a group of five hundred […]

Sharon Roznik

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Sharon Roznik has been a storytelling journalist for more than 30 years.  She writes for USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin. She loves British Shorthair cats, NPR and researching her European roots. 

Hilary Sigismondi

Hilary Sigismondi was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Mother of two and grandmom to one. Loves writing Flash stories and playing scrabble. Budding improv goddess.

Jeannean Walker

 Jeannean Walker is 63 and this is her first time writing. 

Maribeth Mundell

Maribeth Mundell is Music teacher, mom, avid belly dancer, Sarah Lawrence grad, Arial Lyra initiate, always looking for her next adventure!

Stephanie Lewis

Stephanie Lewis is a Writer. Actress. North Carolina native. Dog and cat mom. 

Alan S. Falkingham

Alan S. Falkingham

Alan S. Falkingham currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio but originally hails from Leeds, England. To pay the rent, Alan writes emails all day long for a large global corporation but, for fun, he prefers to create short stories and poetry and has also recently completed a full-length mystery novel. When not writing, Alan spends his […]

Megan Benjamin

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Megan Benjamin started writing poetry at the age of eleven while sharing a bedroom in Brooklyn with her four first loves.  She has self-published three volumes of poetry- Love, War and Soul Story.