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We’re here to help you reach what you need most – readers.

Above the subscription plans, you’ll find a slider, just like the one shown below. 

Simply choose how many people you’d like us to lead to your stories every month.

Yes, it really is as simple as that. We have a huge community of readers at The Short Story Project.

We guarantee (and pinky swear) your stories will be read based on your selection. 

Once you publish your story, you’ll be able to track and monitor how many people read your story, how many times, how old they were, etc.

How do we do it? We’ve got the data about our site visitors, and we gladly share it with your.

At the Short Story Project we’ve amassed tens of thousands of short story loving readers over the years, that visit our site every day. Our readers are going to LOVE your stories!

Get Better

Now that you can finally stop worrying about getting your stories in front of readers, it’s time to improve your writing. Our community of writers is exactly what you need.

Share feedback about one another’s stories, discuss ideas and challenges, learn from one another, find inspiration. Hop on the train to success!

Get Heard, Get International

Short stories are today’s most accessible form of writing. They’re like a long novel, concentrated into a powerful, insightful, bite-size piece of goodness.

So why should you limit them only to written format? Why limit them only to English?


That’s why we’ve been recording audio stories for short story lovers to listen to on-the-go. It could be dangerous to read while walking…

With the Accelerator and Let’s Rock plans, once you reach a certain number of readers, we’ll record and translate your stories! As a gift from us, we’re giving you full permission to use them in any way you choose.

On average, an audio recording costs $200 and two translations costs $600, but with the Accelerator and Let’s Rock plans you don’t have to pay $800.

Publishing stories every months means – Getting read.

Having your story translated means – Getting international.

Being a part of a community of writers means – Getting better.

Having your story recorded into an audio story means – Getting heard.

Being able to promote your story to bring in tons of readers means – Getting ahead.