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About the Wedding

Juan Casamayor On:

About the Wedding by Eloy Tizón

This story is taken from Tizón’s third collection, Técnicas de iluminación (Lighting Techniques) published by Páginas de Espuma in 2013. Eloy’s arrival at the publisher was a long-awaited pleasure that began just like that: he said he was going to give us a manuscript and then we both laughed nervously. When someone tells you that they’re going to get married and then react before you have a chance to, you begin to suspect that something might not be quite right. The beginning of this story, with its masterful pair of short phrases, offers the first key to a tale that explores the depths and complexity of human reactions. How did we react when someone we know got married (they’ll remember for sure)? How do we react when someone appears or disappears from our lives? How do we react when in a life in which we share everything we’re taken by surprise or make a discovery or are caught off guard by a chance event? A group of confused but enterprising characters with their whole lives ahead of them. A trip with a purpose. And a wedding. No: ‘the’ wedding – the titles of stories aren’t chosen carelessly, not by Eloy at least. Their reactions (oh, the reactions…) to strangeness and uncertainty. In its unique way, the story reflects the rhythms of the world. Our world.