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At Livia’s Bar

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At Livia’s Bar by Pierre J. Mejlak

“At Livia’s Bar” is a beautiful fairytale-like story about a girl who creates a world down to its smallest details in order to fend off Loneliness and the pain of loss. This incredible girl replaces helplessness with the position of an almighty creator—she creates herself cities and populated islands, streets, shops and public buildings, a world in which there is logic and consideration and order, and we slowly discover that this entire universe of hers is formed like a dense beehive around the fate of one person—her father, around whom she spins a cheerful and protecting reality when he goes out in the evenings and she waits for him in her room. Pierre Mejlak manages to weave delicate and familiar feelings into a magical, bitter-sweet story that fills the heart with longing long after the reader has read the last word.