Cracks | Mainland

Želimir Periš On:

Cracks | Mainland by Andrej Blatnik

Andrej Blatnik is a fantastic writer. He is also a teacher of creative writing, and this role he fills crosses the boundaries of the class he teaches, because his stories are themselves the best lesson in writing, or what writing can be. Blatnik is also a well-known Slovenian author, who has been translated into many languages. He is particularly famous for his micro stories, which are in many ways considered contemporary classics. His book “You Do Understand” is a collection of brutally sharp, cruel and touching super shorts that address the essence of relations, emotions and intimacy.The two stories published here, “Cracks” and “Mainland”, are an excellent example of Blatnik’s mastery in synthesizing a whole life into one crucial moment. The meaning of life in these stories is reduced to a universal “what-if?” or “what’s-now?” – Questions. These micro stories, which are sometimes horrifying and sometimes subtle, but always describe life-defining moments, are literature at its best.