Croco Dancy

Pedro – the Story Nibbling Rabbit On:

Croco Dancy by Nurit Zarchi

In order to venture out into the world, Croco Dancy has to pass the final exam at the witchcraft school she attends. So far, sounds simple enough: you study hard at school, pass the exam, and BAM! into the world you go. But not everything is that simple. The world has requirements, and so does the strict principal: the young witch must turn various objects into “something strong, something swift, something to buy, something to gift.”

Will Croco Dancy be up to the challenge? We already know she will. Because that’s how stories go: there’s a challenge, the heroine confronts it, and eventually succeeds. But the road to success is paved with failures, self-doubt, and encounters with disgusting cockroaches. This story will change the way you view success, as well as the way you view cockroaches, and if that’s not success—I don’t know what is.