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Dimanche by Irène Némirovsky

One Sunday morning presents a women’s life-world in full. The festive atmosphere of a day of rest and vacation is nothing but the description of a fateful life-cycle that seems to captures these women – its victims. With a rich and passionate symphonic thrust, Némirovsky draws two generations of women caught by love: the mother, who had her share of disappointment and now seeks only peace, and the daughter, who now, it appears, sees the path of disappointment and heart break unfolding in front of her. This cycle is like a mythic tale of the fate of women, condemned to live in the shadows of spoiled and disloyal men who chase after empty thrills, giving birth to their children and waiting for the husbands return in the living room while they play with their mistresses. The beauty and melancholy of this wonderful story, as well as the voices of the characters, which echo so many men and women, and the illuminated world Némirovsky creates with her writing, make this story into a masterpiece.