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Why Are We Going Back to Watan?

Katja Sämann On:

Why Are We Going Back to Watan? by Andreas Stichmann

Andreas Stichmann was voted one of the ‘20 under 40’ before he was even thirty. He has been called a ‘magician’ and a ‘knight of the short story’; his prose has been described as ‘brilliant’, ‘captivating’, ‘headstrong and crazy’ – and quite rightly so, in my opinion. Andreas Stichmann shows that humour can hurt and yet be intensely humane at the same time. His sympathy for losers and the lost is unsurpassed, just like his feeling for language and his expressive power. He doesn’t use grand words; he simply finds the right ones. All that can be seen in his stories and in his two great novels. And it can be seen just as clearly in the not quite six pages of Why Are We Going Back to Watan? Six pages – and it’s all there.