Old Mr. Rabbit, He’s a Good Fisherman

Pedro – the Story Nibbling Rabbit On:

Old Mr. Rabbit, He’s a Good Fisherman by Joel Chandler Harris

Throughout history and all across the world, people thought highly of rabbits. In many folktales, the rabbit appears as the smart trickster; in Aztec mythology, there’s a group of four hundred divine rabbits– the Centzon Totochtin, wild and mischievous gods who get drunk and run rampant; in the Middle Ages, bored monks entertained themselves by doodling evil rabbits in the margins of manuscripts; in Chinese mythology, the rabbit on the moon brews a potion that offers immortality; in Russian folklore, the rabbit is cross-eyed, which doesn’t stop him from being a smart and sneaky creature who’s able to take on bigger enemies.

Uncle Remus’s stories do us rabbits honor, and bring America into the distinguished club of rabbit admirers (Bugs Bunny came much later). Your loyal rabbit read Uncle Remus’s stories when he was still a young and brash bunny. Because I was so young, I didn’t even know who Uncle Remus was (a black slave), and why his language was so different from mine, but it didn’t bother me at all, because the adventures of Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Fox were so captivating, and Uncle Remus is the best storyteller in the world!