How the Old Woman Tried to Buy Ink

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How the Old Woman Tried to Buy Ink by Daniil Kharms

You must be asking yourself, who is Daniil Kharms? Well, Daniil Kharms was a well-known Russian author who wrote many stories and songs for children. This was so long ago, that Kharms wrote his stories and songs by hand, on any piece of paper he could find: dry cleaner receipts, catalogues of galvanized screws, music sheets, pages out of health magazines, etc. In a nutshell, Kharms liked writing stories so much that he used every piece of paper he happened to come across. But what about ink? Ink doesn’t just lie around there up for grabs, like paper. A person who wants ink must set out to find it, and it is this necessity, most likely, that made Daniil Kharms leave his house every now and then. And a person who steps outside his house is in for an adventure.     

Now you too can embark on an adventure with Daniil Kharms, an adventure called “How the Old Woman Tried to Buy Ink.”