The Cat that Walked by Himself

Pedro – the Story Nibbling Rabbit On:

The Cat that Walked by Himself by Rudyard Kipling

Every story begins with a question, and when you ask good questions, you get interesting answers. Rudyard Kipling (yes, the very man who wrote “The Jungle Book”) composed an entire collection of short stories, in which every story begins with a good question, the kind that makes us say, “How have I never asked myself that before?” For instance: how did the leopard get his spots? Why does the kangaroo jump? How was the alphabet invented? And perhaps the most fascinating question of all: what is the nature of the relationship between people and cats?

The book is called “Just So Stories”. The “just so” alludes to the question—“why?” which is the endless source of curiosity that exists in every child, as well as in some adults who forgot to grow up, and still ask questions.