The Forbidden Doors

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The Forbidden Doors by Fabio Morábito

Tusnedor is travelling. He crosses an ocean, arrives at a city and checks in to a hotel. He soon discovers the twin doors connecting his room to the room next door. In a classic act of voyeurism, he opens the first door and leans against the second to listen to the conversation of the two French women staying in the neighbouring room. At the time, the reader doesn’t know that Tusnedor is a writer; he could just be a pervert. The women come to the same conclusion. One of them sees him lurking there and slaps him hard after which he is further humiliated by the intermittent explosions of laughter that emerge from the room next door. Morábito’s story is set in the realm of transgression: only there can the writing truly begin. The following day Tusnedor watches the Frenchwomen leave and that night hears another woman move in. Now the voyeuristic game begins in earnest, doors begin to open and close, there are furtive whispers and silences. Morábito creates a tense atmosphere that explores the boundaries between the private and public domains, between writing and reality.

The Short Story Project C | The Short Story Project INC 2018

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