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The Parts Where Your Pee Comes From

Etgar Keret On:

The Parts Where Your Pee Comes From by Emily Brout

The question of “Why, on earth, do I write?” is one that pops into my mind just about every time I sit down in front of an empty page. Where does the strange urge to invent characters and events that never happened and want to share these imaginary events with others come from?
This question, I’m sure, has as many answers as the number of writers in the world, but the one offered by Emily Brout is one of the most powerful and touching I have ever read. The comparison between the urge to write and the desire of a little girl to show a boy her age “where I peed from” is painfully accurate: we write because we want to be seen, and not simply seen, seen from the inside. This desire is dangerous, difficult to defend, and the exposure it entails might lead to punishment, but just like the girl in the story, Emily continues to write. And it makes me very happy, as I hope it will make others who read her story.