The Snow Traveller

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The Snow Traveller by Ayfer Tunç

The enchanting tranquility and infinite white terrains stand in stark contrast to the violence with which Ayfer Tunic’s beautiful story is imbued. Engulfed in utter silence, the loneliness creates deadly games and false promises. In the white, dead-end wilderness, arises the opportunity for a gentle and sensitive relationship between two castaways. But the author continues to deceive the readers, and we soon find out, the characters are not at all who we thought they were. This elusiveness stands at the heart of the story, which moves between softness and hardship; tenderness and compassion, and dangerous, selfish brutality; a shelter and a cozy home and mountains of frost and wild animals, rendering man alone in the battle for his destiny.


The Short Story Project C | The Short Story Project INC 2018

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