The Tobacco Man

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The Tobacco Man by Diego Vecchio

“All it takes is for one insignificant event to bring down an empire – or an author at the height of his fame.” In an ironic, farcical tone, Diego Vecchio tells us about an author whose career rose and fell on the tip of a tobacco leaf. Joshua Lynn wrote a series of successful science fiction stories in which his protagonist, Doctor Curtis, travels in a time machine to a future that is in fact the past modified by a tiny change that bears vast implications. Joshua Lynn’s whirlwind success gives rise to a vibrant social life, and in order to maintain his image (as befitting the period), he starts smoking thirty cigarettes a day. In his next few novels, and corresponding with his public persona, tobacco plays an important role in shaping the alternative past to which his protagonist, Doctor Curtis, travels. Joshua Lynn’s success only increases, but something goes wrong—a small, minute detail, whose repercussions might be disastrous.    


The Short Story Project C | The Short Story Project INC 2018

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