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Adam Blumenthal

Adam Blumenthal

Adam Blumenthal is the editor of Maaboret in Spanish. He was born on the International Workers’ Day, 1985, and grew up in Tel Aviv. He lived and studied in Jerusalem, Buenos Aires and Madrid. Adam is a translator, editor, academic and musician. Hitherto, he has translated three books by Roberto Bolaño (“The Savage Detectives,” in cooperation with Moshe Ron, Am Oved, 2011; “Phone Calls,” Am Oved, 2012; “2666,” Am Oved, 2015), and the novel “The Investigation” by Juan José Saer (Keter Publishing House, 2010). In addition, several of his translations have appeared in different magazines, including “Granta” and “Maaboret.” He was the drummer of “The Disposables.” These days he is working on various new translations, obtaining his MA in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Department of Romance & Latin American Studies, and serving as the drummer of two rock bands—The 1840s, and Día Malo.



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