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Antonia Lloyd-Jones

Antonia Lloyd-Jones

Antonia Lloyd-Jones is a full-time translator of Polish literature, and twice winner of the Found in Translation award. She studied Russian and Ancient Greek at the University of Oxford and then went on to study Polish independently. She has translated works by several of Poland’s leading contemporary novelists including Paweł Huelle and Jacek Dehnel, and authors of reportage including Mariusz Szczygieł and Wojciech Jagielski. She also translates crime fiction by Zygmunt Miłoszewski, poetry by Tadeusz Dąbrowski, essays, and books for children (including rhymes by Julian Tuwim and fiction by Janusz Korczak). She is a mentor for the BCLT’s Emerging Translators’ Mentorship Programme, and Co-Chair of the UK Translators Association. .in 2015 she was a judge in the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.


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