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Antonio Ortuño

Antonio Ortuño

Antonio Ortuño, born in Guadalajara to Spanish immigrant parents, has been, in this order: an outstanding student; a dropout; a worker in a special-effects company and a private tutor. His novel The Seekers Heads (2006) was selected by the Mexican press as the best first novel of the year. His second book, Human Resources (2007), was a finalist for the Herralde Prize. His collection of short stories, The Japanese Garden was also published this year. His collection, The Red Lady, was published in 2010. His novel Indian Line, was chosen as the best novel of 2013 in several newspapers and magazines in Latin America. His novel Méjico was published in 2015 to great acclaim and marked Ortuño as one of the leading Mexican authors of his time. His writing has been translated into several languages. In October 2010 the British magazine “Granta” included Ortuño in its list of the best young Spanish language writers, and the Mexican edition of the magazine “GQ” chose him as writer of the year.


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