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Asaf Schurr

Asaf Schurr

Asaf Schurr is an Israeli writer and translator. He was born in Jerusalem in 1976 and studied theater and philosophy at the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University. He was the literary critic of the newspaper “Ha’ir” and co-editor of the online magazine “Ma’arav”. Schurr has published five books so far. Amram, which was published in 2007, earned him the Bernstein Prize. In 2009 he received the Prime Minister’s Award for Hebrew writers, and in 2013 was nominated for the Ruhr Prize for Jewish Literature. Schurr is a translator of English to Hebrew, among others he translated books by Raymond Chandler and D. H. Lawrence. He is also a behavioral therapist in dogs and a martial arts practitioner of Wu Wei Gongfu. He lives with his wife in a moshav near Rehovot.


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