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Charles De Wolf

Charles De Wolf

Charles De Wolf, professor emeritus at Keio University, Japan, is originally a linguistics scholar who in recent decades has turned to the study and translation of Japanese literature, classical and modern. He has spent most of his life in Japan, of which he is a citizen. His translations include stories from the twelfth-century folktale collection Konjaku Monogatari (Tales of Days Gone By), excerpts from the Tale of Genji, Mandarins, a selection of Akutagawa’s short stories, non-fiction by Haruki Murakami, Keizō Hino’s Isle of Dreams, Akiko Itoyama’s In Pursuit of Lavender, and Tomoyuki Hoshino’s ME. He has also written extensively on approaches to translation, specifically on the rendition of the Genji into both Modern Japanese and various European languages.


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