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Dan Miron

Dan Miron

Prof. Dan Miron (born 1934) was raised in Tel Aviv. He studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Rubin Music Academy. Prof. Miron started lecturing in 1960 in various academic institutes, among them Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and the Institute for Jewish Research (YIVO) and Columbia University in New York. He is currently a Professor Emeritus for Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University. Since 1952, he has published numerous articles and critiques about Hebrew literature, Yiddish Literature and other modern Jewish literatures. He has published about fifty books that focus on these topics in Hebrew, English, Yiddish, German and Russian and over one thousand articles. He is known as an authority in his field. He has edited academic editions of Haim Nachman Bialik poems, the works of Uri Nissan Gnessin and the works of Uri Zvi Greenberg; and written monographs about Nathan Alterman, Uri Nissa Gnessin, Uri Zvi Greenberg, Shalom Aleichem and Ze’ev Jabotinsky. He has translated the writings of Shalom Aleichem and other Yiddish writers into Hebrew. He has three sons and six grandchildren.




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