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Ruth Fine

Ruth Fine

Ruth Fine (Argentina) is Salomon and Victoria Cohen Professor in Iberian and Latin American Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, where she acts as Director of the Institute of Western Cultures.  Her fields of expertise are semiotics and literary theory, the Spanish Golden Age literature, and the literature of the Jewish-Conversos. In these areas she has published several books and articles.  She has completed a broad study of the literature of conversos in Spain, her third project sponsored by the Israeli Academy of Sciences. She acts as the President of the Israeli Association of Hispanists, Vice-President of the AIH (International Association of Hispanists) and of the International Association of Cervantistas, responsible for the Iberian Section of the Masterpieces Translation Program of the Ministry of Culture and member of the Board of the AISO (International Association of the Golden Age). She was awarded the “Orden del Mérito Civil” by the King of Spain for her contribution to Spanish culture and the cultural relations between Spain and Israel.



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