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Tera Fabiánová (Slovakia, 1930-2007) was one of the best and most famous Romani writers. Fluent in four languages and self-taught in literature, she was also a gifted poet. She grew up in a rural settlement until she settled in Prague in 1946, where she worked for thirty-five years as a crane operator. Fabiánová’s work includes short stories, poems and fairy-tales and deals, among other topics, with the position of the Roma people in society and the position of women in the Roma family.

*Photo: Tony Hübschman.


Erika Olahová is a well-known Roma writer. She was born in 1957 in Zvolen in Slovakia. From the age of fifteen she worked in a factory and later as a cook. Her short stories are published collections and in Romani journals. She says she writes in Czech, but is also influenced by the Romany narrative tradition through stories she heard as a child from her grandparents. Her collection Nechci se vrátit mezi mrtvé (‘I Do Not Want to Return Among the Dead’, 2004) brings together stories based on supernatural and horror themes. She lives in Česká Třebová in the Czech Republic.