Suhail Kiwan is a Palestinian author, playwright and journalist, born in 1956 in the village of Majd al-Krum in the Western Galilee. From 1998 to 2014 he worked as a literary editor for Al-Arabi newspaper. His political and literary essays appear regularly for many years in Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, and in the website arab48.

Dr. Irada Al-Jubori is a novelist, academic and activist.  She is Assistant Professor and Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs at  the college of Mass Communication, University of Baghdad .. In addition to her teaching and research experiences, she has been working as a journalist and also creative writer, having published several short stories and scripts for documentary films. Al-Jubori was the Iraqi project manager for the Open Shutters Photography project which involved women from different regions and cities in Iraq and  a writer of a feminist program to AL MAHABA  radio – Baghdad  .  She was  a member of the Iraqiyat Centre for Women’s Studies in Baghdad between 2006-2008 .


Khalil Nasif is a Palestinian writer. He was born in Ramallah in 1977 and studied programming and network engineering at Al-Quds University. Nasif is a member of the Regional Disaster Response Team of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. He writes poetry and prose since 2007. He has published a collection of stories and a collection of poems in Amman, Jordan, and his first novel will be published in 2019 in Milan, Italy.


Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin is a Sudanese writer. He was born in Kassala in 1963 and worked as a consultant for UNICEF in Darfur and as a project manager for the World Bank’s Community Development Fund. He has published many novels and collections of stories, and has been a member of the Sudanese Short Story Club and the Sudanese Writers Association. He won the BBC short story award in 1993. His novel al-Jango (2010) won the al-Tayyib Salih Prize, and was soon banned by the Sudanese government. In 2012 his books were confiscated and banned from the book fair in Khartoum. He lives in Austria and publishes his books in Cairo.

Raghad al-Suheil is an Iraqi writer. She is a doctor of microbiology and immunology and a lecturer in the Faculty of Science at the University of Baghdad. She is a member of the Iraqi Writers’ Union and has published 3 short story collections and a novel so far.


Muhammad Hamad is a Palestinian writer, critic and literary scholar. Born in Nazareth in 1965, he studied Arabic literature at the University of Haifa and completed his doctorate in 2007. He teaches modern Arabic literature at the Al-Qasemi Academy in Baka al-Gharbia. Hamad writes on Palestinian literature and Hebrew and English children’s literature in literary periodicals and co-edited the Encyclopedia of Palestinian Literature (2013). His first collection of stories was published in 2018.

Zakaria Tamer is a Syrian author that has long been recognized as one of the pre-eminent short fiction writers of the Arab world, as well as the foremost writer of Arabic children’s fiction. He was born in Damascus in 1931 and left school at thirteen to help support his family, and subsequently educated himself. He published his first stories in 1957 and thanks to his success he was offered a job as a government official in The Writers and Publishing Department of the Syrian Ministry of Culture. In the following decades he served in different positions in the Syrian cultural establishment: he was editor and co-edited literary magazines, was head of the Syrian’s television drama department, and was also the co-founder of the Arab Writers Union in Syria. In 1980’s, after publishing some excerpts from the book The Characteristic of Despotism by Abd Al-Rahman Al Kawakibi in which the author condemns tyranny, Tamer was forced to resign from his position as editor of Al-Ma’rifa cultural magazine. Soon after that he left Syria for the UK, but carried on working for Arab Magazines. In 2015 Zakaria Tamer was awarded the Mahmoud Darwish Award for freedom and Creativity. Earlier awards include the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation Prize for Stories, Novels and Drama in 2001, The Syrian Order of Merit in 2002, The Cairo First Short Story Prize in 2009 and In the same year the Blue Metropolis literary prize. Tamer has published eleven collections of short stories, two collections of satirical articles and numerous children’s books. His works have been translated into many languages. Since 2012 he has been writing regularly on his Facebook page Al-Mihmaz, which features very short stories and satirical pieces in support of the Syrian revolution. He lives in London. 

Alaa Hlehel is a Palestinian writer, playwright and journalist. He was born in the village of Al-Jash in the Galilee in 1974 and completed his bachelor’s degree in communications and arts at the University of Haifa and studies at the School of Screenwriting in Tel Aviv. Hlehel served as founder and editor of literary magazines and his articles are published in the Israeli and Arab press. He also teaches creative writing. His collections of short stories were translated into several languages. His novel Au Revoir Acre was published in 2014, to great acclaim. He lives in Acre, Israel.

Jan Dost is a Syrian Kurdish novelist, poet and translator who lives in Germany. Dost was born in Kobani in 1965. He writes poetry, short stories and novels in Arabic and Kurdish, and won many awards, including the Kurdish Short Story Award in 1993 and the Kurdish Poetry Award in 2012. Among his most famous translations is “The Epic of Mem and Zin” written by the famous Kurdish poet Ahmad Khani.

Raji Bathish is a Palestinian poet, novelist, screenplay writer and cultural activist born in based in Nazareth. He was born in 1970. Bathish’s work has been widely published across the Arab and Israeli-Palestinian worlds. He has published seven books up to date, the most recognized of which is titled A Room in Tel-Aviv published in 2007 by the Arab institute for Studies and Research, in Beirut.