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A Trembled Moment

Riya, A fourteen year old girl from a small town in Gujarat stays with her family. Her father Shivraj is an advocate and her mother is a former teacher. She has an elder sister and a younger brother. They three are very close and have a good rapport with each other and share everything among themselves.

When everything was on line, Shivraj got transfer to Bangalore. Gujarat had been a cool place for him and his family to live since 15 years and they got habituated to environment, culture, and people over there and he bought a new home recently. So this made him thinking about the transfer but soon he realized that he had no option left as it was the final decision from his higher officials. After one week, they were all set to move. The children seated in the backseat and they started talking about the new city with enthusiasm. After 2 hours of their journey, they stopped at a restaurant to have lunch. Shivraj took hold of his son Tony and Riya while his wife along with Neha was following them. Then suddenly, a truck passed by hit them with a rapid speed that Neha died on the spot while her mother got some injuries.

8 months passed. Everyone looked pale and depressed. Riya and Tony started going to new school but things weren’t the same as before for Riya. She missed her sister’s presence inexplicably. Tony stopped talking to her and her family members stopped caring about her like before. At school, no one used to play with her and she found herself in a barrel away from everyone. Teachers didn’t even care about her presence in the class. She looked sluggish and depressed all the time. One day, on the way back home, she got her school bus missed and she went to her class teacher and complained about it but the teacher looked at her and was unresponsive. Riya started sobbing. It was windy and somehow she managed to go home but it was late evening when she reached in there. Her parents didn’t seem to bother about her late arrival and doing their chores calmly. This hurt her a lot. She went into her room and started crying and she recalled the memories of herself being with Neha when she was there. This made her sob even more. Finally, she decided to do something and she started searching for an object and she found it – the knife. She made up her mind to end her life as she didn’t want to live a life in which she was unloved and uncared by others. She picked up the knife, placed it on her left hand’s wrist. When she was about to hit hard onto her hand, a newspaper fell on the ground close to her feet by the wind. She picked it up and it was the one in which her sister Neha’s death article was written. Riya started reading it recalling that tragic incident which changed her life. While her eyes were scrolling the news, they experienced astonishment at one point. Riya’s hands began trembling and she hurriedly turned to the next page. What she saw was unbelievable and made her mind blown. There were two photographs in the accident image. One was her sister Neha and the other one was Riya herself. She also got died in the same accident when she ran back to save her sister due to which her parents went into deep depression. Tony had no one to talk and play with him. People at school were unresponsive to her because she physically was not present over there.

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