the short story project



Some time ago, there was a disagreement in an eminent family. World, the father had just titled himself The Body and wanted his wives, Science and Arts and the children, human beings, to choose for themselves anything in the body they deem fit to be their title.

Everyone saw themselves as being important. Hence, their zealous quest for an enviable title. Science was the first to talk.

“Being an inevitable member of this family, I’ll like to be called The Nose.”

“Mum, the ear is more important,” one of the children opined.

“You need your nose for respiration,” Science replied.

“Not necessarily!”  He argued, “One can also breathe through the mouth.”

Seeing how disputable her stance was, Science agreed to be called The Ear.

“If I go deaf, you can still communicate with me,” countered another.

Argument from various angles saturated the room like a gaseous substance. Every child became vibrant in debating over which is more important – the nose or the ear.

“Alright, I shall be called the eyes,” Science resolved.

There was no argument this time. Everyone agreed that sight is of great use. Then, Arts, who had been silent all along said, “I choose to be called the heart.”

Pin-drop silence ensued. Science was displeased. Although, she hadn’t thought of it, she believed that title should be hers.

“How can you choose to be the heart?” She shouted at Art in anger.

Arts seemed unperturbed and others remained quiet. Then, Science walked out in anger.

For weeks, Science raged so much that the home became hell. “That name is mine” was all she kept saying. Everyone was uncomfortable.  Art was concerned but there was nothing she could do. She felt she was really the heart and, giving it up was tantamount to disposing one’s identity.

All effort to pacify her was futile. So, World decided that both wives should go and live with their parents in another planet for six months.  This won’t run concurrently because he wanted to determine who truly the heart was.

Science went first. She was terribly missed but it was soon discovered that she was not indispensable. Almost all her constituents were replaceable. In the absence of automobile; aircraft and ship, foot, animals and canoe were used for transportation. Herbs were used in place of medical care. Conventional means substituted many scientific means.

Soon, it was Arts’ turn.  Languages for conversation were declared missing. Music, theatre and other dramatic arts became extinct. Records of history were gone.  Even literature and philosophy could neither be seen nor sensed. Painting, sculpture and other handcrafts that used to make world beautiful were unavailable. Art was indeed indispensable.

World, the father, became dull. Human beings, the children, were uneasy. Even science was really incapacitated. There was no means to display talent and dexterity. Everything became redundant. After just two weeks, all – including science –   called for Arts’ return.


Science’s absence was colossally felt; Arts’ was indispensably missed. Everyone therefore accepted that Arts is The Heart.


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