the short story project



“So I see your not “normal”” Marie’s interviewer said while looking through so of her files ” I guess you could say I have a demon inside” she said quieting down suddenly horns Gru out of her head and the interviewer could see a long red tail with a triangle at the end ” ok we will contact you when you got the job” he said well putting the files he had back in the into the file bin she walked out the door like nothing happened the horns that back in and her tail disappeared ” so did you get the job?” Someone said behind Marie ”  hey Natalia!” Marie said Natalia had been her best friend since grade 1 a random person walked into the store he walked up the secretary and started talking to her he had dark brown hair and blue eyes but it looks like greens for where they were standing he was wearing a black hoodie and black sweatpants Marie had light pink hair the blue hoodie and purple pants Natalia had blonde hair with brown streaks in it she was wearing a striped shirt which was white and black she was wearing the same pants as a mysterious boy after she stopped talking the secretary he came over to them ” hi why were you staring at me” you scratched his head trying to look cuter than he was Natalia almost fainted Marie said ” I’m so sorry I just came back from a job interview here” she studied through some words but he didn’t care ” oh well I was here for the same thing-” he stopped and looked at her their gaze was stronger than anything Natalia looked jealous but happy ” sorry I should probably introduce myself I’m Connor..” ” I am Marie” ” well nice to meet you but I think I have to go I have school tomorrow..” ” same..” Marie blush so hard Connor walked away but Marie wasn’t going to let that happen ” Hey Conner..! Wanna meet up sometime?” ” sure..sounds like a date..” be blushed and walked away


                                       CHAPER 2: Love has its ways

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