the short story project


Amani L

The sound of the evening

The sounds of the evening.

It was an evening in June 2017, during the last weekend of the spring term

the weather was nice, chilly but pleasant, the leaves blew in the gentle breeze, the birds sweet singing while nesting in the trees, the distant laughter and voices of the students, sitting in groups everywhere around the school.

 After coming back from Fakta, Justyna and I, having some beer, we decided to go to the pavilion in front of the lake.

 Around the corner, near the big horse chestnut tree, we met with Søren who was going to his house; he greeted us and said something about the day getting longer.

 We had been sitting there drinking the beer slowly when I thought about playing some music on my mobile phone. Would you like me to play some soft music, I said. No. Let us listen to the sounds of the evening, Justyna said.


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