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I can’t remember what happened to me, but I do remember that I was in the ocean water. I don’t know how I got into the water because someone knocked me in the head. It was then that I realized that I was going deeper and deeper into the blackness of the sea. That could only mean one thing, I was drowning. I felt dying from the water.


Suddenly, when I was going down more deeper than ever, I saw a strange object that was also in the water. As I got closer and closer, the strange object grew a little bigger until I got too close to it. Then I realized only one thing, it wasn’t a fish or some other sea creature. It was a baby. A baby boy.


I was startled to see a baby in the ocean. As I don’t remember a single thought at all.


“What’s a baby doing in the ocean?” I thought to myself. “A baby would never wind up in the ocean if it’s thrown overboard.”


I looked at the baby and there I saw something serious with the baby. His eyes were closed and lifeless and his body was not moving. I soon knew that he was drowning.


I didn’t want to drown either, for if somebody is thrown into the water and can’t swim, they will soon drown and die. Therefore, I had to do something about it, I have to save the baby.


I grabbed the baby and swam back up to the surface. Although I thought I might die without air, I kept on swimming and swimming and swimming until I finally made it to the surface.


When I got up to the surface, I could finally feel the fresh air passing by my face. More than that, I could breathe again for the air is clean. As I carried the baby up, it was such a relief that we’re finally on the surface of the Pacific Ocean.


But it was quiet and calm and we were all alone. The only sound we could hear was the squawking of seagulls flying above our heads. I had to call for help.


“HELP US!!” I cried, waving my hands and holding the baby. “HELP US!! SOMEBODY, PLEASE HELP US!!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!! HELP! PLEASE HELP US!!! HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!! HELP US!!! HELP US PLEASE!!!!!”


I kept on calling for help and I started to cry. I knew for certain that no help would come to us.


I kept on screaming for help. That’s all I did, I kept on screaming and screaming and screaming at the top of my lungs.


Then, when I was about to give up calling for help, I heard a noise from the distance.


I looked around and there ahead of me was a ship. It was an ocean liner, the “R.M.S. Lusitania” bound for a place called Chicago, Illinois. It blew the ship whistle.


I was thrilled to finally find help on the ocean. With no time to lose, I continued to scream at the top of my lungs.




In the crow’s nest. Two lookouts were looking around the ocean with their binoculars.


“Goodness, it’s cold.” said the first lookout. “It feels like it’s snowing without the snow.”


“It’s just the east wind.” replied the second lookout. “They’re always cold.”


“Whatever you say, I still think it’s a cold day.”


Then, the lookouts saw me holding the baby, still calling for help. They were very surprised and shocked to see me and the baby in the ocean.


“Great Scott!” they shouted. The first lookout rang the ship’s bell while the second lookout called on the phone.


“Pick up you nincompoops, pick up at once!” he yelled.


In the ship’s cabin, the crew was half asleep while the steerer was wide awake, steering the ship. Then the phone rang and the crew woke up with a start and one of the crew picked up the phone and called.


“Is there anyone here?” cried the second lookout.


“Yes what is it?” said one of the crew. “Is there any trouble?”


“There’s a man overboard, sir! And he’s holding something! Wait a minute, wait a minute. It’s a baby, sir! A baby boy! Alert the captain immediately!”


“Thank you.” said one of the crew members and went to the Captain’s office. “Captain! Captain!” he shouted. “There’s something you’ve got to see.”


The Captain of the ship thought the member was playing a trick on him.


“You must be joking,” he said.


“No I’m not!” said the member. “Take a look and see for yourself.”


The Captain took out his telescope and looked. He then saw me and the baby.


“By George!” The Captain shouted at last. “The lad needs help! Bring in the lifeboat and let’s go! We have to rescue them!


“Aye Aye Captain!” said the member and soon after that, they all got into a lifeboat and rowed towards us.


Back on the ship, lots of passengers looked as the crew resumed on rowing and rowing.


I still yelled for help when they arrived on time. They picked up the baby first, then they picked me up out of the water. I was then wrapped in a warm blanket, the baby as well. Soon I had this funny feeling and I fell asleep.


I woke up in the sickbay the following morning. I thought I was in heaven at last. There was a row of beds in two straight lines. Some of them were filled and most of them were empty. I was in my pajamas and there was some breakfast on the bed table. It was some toast, fried eggs, hash browns and a cup of coffee. I was hungry and ate it gravely. Then I got out of bed, now wearing a bed robe and walked to see if the baby is okay. A nurse came into the sickbay with the baby in her arms. She looked quite happy.


“Morning, sir”, she said sweetly. “Your baby is making a full recovery.”


I was relieved and happy to hear the news that tears rolled down my eyes.


“Oh thank you.”, I said happily. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. How can I ever thank you enough?”


The Captain came into the room. “You don’t have to thank us, sir. It’s part of our job.”


“I don’t care!” I said. “Thank you for saving me and the baby. I’ll do anything to take care of him.”


Suddenly, a woman came into the room. She was crying because she lost her baby boy. I saw her crying and I knew I had to do something.


“My poor baby.” she cried.


“I believe this baby is yours.”, I said.


She turned around, saw the baby, gasped with joy and grabbed him out of my arms.


“Oh my goodness!” she cried. “My baby! My angel! I was so worried about you!” She kissed him rapidly like a lioness hugging her lion cub. “Thank you for bringing him back to me!”


“You’re quite welcome,” I replied. “It was in the ocean looking lifeless and was ready to drown. I managed to bring myself and the baby back to the surface of the ocean and call for help.”


“Oh thank you, sir!” she cried as she hugged me around my neck. I hugged her back while I warmly patted the baby I saved.


“By the way, what’s the baby’s name?” I asked.


“His name is Peter,” she replied. “Peter Barrie.”


“And what about you?” I asked.


“My name is Wendy Barrie. I’m his mother.”


I was surprised that the baby’s name was Peter Barrie. I had no idea that he had a name like that. Of course, it may become clear that they were named after characters from a Play “Peter Pan”.


“What’s yours?” she asked me.


I didn’t know what to do about my name, but I wanted to impress her so I boldly told my name to her.


“My name is Matthew Conan Morris.”, I said. “Do you have a husband?”


“No.”, she said sadly. “My husband John Barrie died when Peter was born. He left us with treasures.”


“I’m sorry to hear that.”, I said. “I would like to live with you if you like. I can take care of Peter, I can wash him, feed him, dress him and do everything I can to make him the happiest boy in the whole world.”


Wendy was shocked when she heard everything about me. But when she looked at me, she smiled at me.


“Oh thank you, Matthew.”, she said. “And of course you can live with us. My family will be so pleased to let you be a part of our family.”


“Well, you’re quite welcome.”, I replied.


When we finally made it to Chicago, Wendy, Peter and I caught a Taxi Cab at the port and went to the place where Wendy lives. I was so happy that Peter is reunited with his mother for the first time.


We got married and I was so happy with my new family, that I decided to forget about what happened when I was in the ocean. And as for Peter Barrie, well let’s just say that he’s living a very happy and healthy life with me.


Hopefully, he will be quite ecstatic about me and how I saved him from a watery grave. And I think Wendy felt the same way.


Nonetheless, I’m just so glad to be out of the water.


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