the short story project



A girl broke up and her friends told her,

You deserve better.

A boy broke up and his friends said,

You deserve better.

A student failed the test,

An athlete lost the match,

A gamer lost the game,

and everyone said,


But deep inside,

they all are frustrated, sad, filled with regret,

clinging to the past that they can’t forget,

banishing their dream,

they ever dreamt.

Let me tell you,

The great Albert Einstein once said,

“Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.”

But you can’t live the best tomorrow,

if you cling to your past today,

then you have to spend your life in sorrow,

instead of enjoying your holiday.

Look, past is past,

and today will soon be the past,

but tomorrow is inevitable.

So, if you do not work on yourself today,

then tomorrow will soon be the thanos of your life;

you’ll find yourself in afterlife,

while you are digging inside your past crap,

it’ll end your life with just a snap.

So, “Learn from the past, work today and think for the future.”

Because in the end “YOU ALWAYS DESERVE BETTER.”




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