the short story project


Ravenna Lovecraft

In Too Deep


Entry 237: Lost my moonstone necklace on the lake last week. Well…I say ‘lost’, but my (ex)best friend and I both know what happened to it.
It was mostly her fault, she wouldn’t let go of the fucking thing. It was mine, originally. But ever since our last fight, I couldn’t stand having her wear it until she apologized, but all she sent was “drown.” Weirdo. Ugh…I’ll just get another one with my birthday cash…

Entry 238: The necklace popped back up. Apart from the moonstone being gone, I guess I’m happy. But…what brought it back? I guess there’s beavers n stuff, but it sunk under all that water, last time I checked. I couldn’t stay out there too long, I could’ve fallen in and turned into a human popsicle.
Gotta go crystal shopping again soon, I guess.

Entry 239: Taylor’s still not talkin’ to me. It’s whatever. My walks are a lot quieter though. I totally don’t miss her. I’m thinking of asking for my polka dot scarf back too😒

Entry 240: I came home late. I sat by the lake before coming straight home…I think I heard something breaking through the ice. It kinda scared me, I won’t be going back for a few days. Probably some big animals makin’ their way through the villa.

Entry 242: Taylor isn’t answering ANY of her messages. Whatever. If she doesn’t wanna talk that’s cool…

Entry 247: Went to the store to grab hot cocoa, and then finally took a bus down to the tiny shop where they sell all my stones. Good thing I went today, they were giving away incense bundles🖤🖤
Taylor’s mother just called asking where she was, I didn’t know. Didn’t tell her we weren’t speaking though, so bullet dodged. Don’t really wanna get in that until she’s ready to text back.

Entry 250: It’s been a couple of weeks and Taylor hasn’t come to school. Class was over and the teacher stopped me immediately. Ms.Jenkins always called us out for talking during class, but she was more concerned than ever.

Entry 251: I caught the police walking around the hallways this afternoon. I got scared and asked to use the bathroom. But I just walked out of the back doors when they weren’t looking.
I went straight to the lake again. It looks pretty during the day. But I don’t remember that giant hole in the middle of the ice being there..

Entry 252: I didn’t go to school. It didn’t feel right knowing Taylor was missing. She still hasn’t been home. I checked. Her dad was crying in the living room. I left before anybody saw me.


Entry…? : I haven’t been home in a couple days. I KNOW I heard Taylor’s voice in the distance, I swear it. The moonstone from my necklace was left on my lap. It was wrapped in the polka dot scarf I let her borrow. It was wet and cold, but that’s how I know she’s still alive. She’ll be back. I can feel it.


Entry… : The ice. It looks so pretty tonight..

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