the short story project


Ravenna Lovecraft

waiting . . .


“Why aren’t you here?”
I grip the phone in my hand even tighter to keep from dropping it. I was shaking so hard, but I don’t even know if it’s the cold anymore.

I hear you shuffling in the background. There’s more than one person with you. My other hand tightens on my luggage.
“I told you, I might not be able to make the train…I-I slept in.”

“Did you?… Did you really?” I huff, walking in circles, dragging my luggage around with every step. I really wanna trust you. But…
You make it so hard.
My eyes tear up.

“Look, babe, I swear I’ll be on the next one. Scout’s honor!” You chuckle. There’s more rustling, and I’m quite certain you think you’ve covered the mic on your cell…you didn’t. I could hear you talking to her…my heart drops into my stomach.

My luggage rolls over. I snatch it back up and proceed to pace alongside the tracks. There’s a beautiful sunset in the distance. I’m sure you would’ve appreciated it, what with your vast history of painting. You always knew how to blend the colors so well…a poet with a brush is what I called you.

“But this one’s coming in the next half hour…I wanted you to watch it pass by with me.”
You hesitate. “Watch it pass? Heh…Leslie, we haven’t sat and watched trains go by since highschool. Eventually, you said it was dumb and you didn’t want to anymore.”

“I know what the fuck I said.”
“I-I’m sorry….I’m sorry.”
“You shouldn’t be saying sorry to ME. I mean…what am I supposed to tell THIS one? “

“This one? ‘This one’ what?…Les, what do you mean?” The panic in his voice was all too telling.
I tighten my grip on my luggage, yanking on it to straighten it up. Luggage shouldn’t be so noisy.

“I’m oN THE PHONE!!!!…. Mark, we don’t have much time.  I suggest you move quickly. It takes damn near 20 minutes to get here, and the next train will be coming soon. It isn’t stopping.”

“Leslie…please, let’s just talk before you do anything stupid.”
I honestly have to keep from laughing this time. “I’m past stupid…be sure to bring the new one along with you.”

I hang up and look down at my luggage. Out of boredom, I kick it. Such cheap, cheap luggage. Bruises too easily. No wonder he got something new.

In the distance, I hear a train whistle.

“Oh my…this early?”

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