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Concert High

You’re IN the ROOM. The speakers, the lights, the fog. The atmosphere surrounds you, picks you up, makes you part of it. The crowd, either side, in front, in back. The charge, you feel it, in the air, and in your chest, head, legs, it lifts your arms.

The music starts.

You feel… Part. You are no longer an individual. No longer one being, but a part of a whole.

It moves inside of you, inside of each person beside you, it connects you to them and to the stage, pulsing cables of light running through you all.

The artist draws you in, and makes you part of them.

The crowd beats to one heartbeat, one drumbeat, the stage the source, you and all around you the backbeat, downbeat, returning it with passion.

You are one beast, high on the drug of music, moving and breathing as part of the air, the earth.

You are universal, connected to a plane that runs through everything, this HUGE atmosphere of SOUND!

You nearly cry from the beauty, your heart fills to bursting with this poignant immense feeling, and it pours out onto those around you, as the same happens to them.

You are, for that moment, that hour, that show, part of that great big thing we like to call “Music”.

As if one word can contain and explain this thing that has existed forever, and will live long after us.

These sounds that flow into us and through us

Showing us things we never thought we’d see

Helping us feel things we never thought we’d be able to feel

Or have forgotten to feel.

The earth falls away beneath our feet, and we are taken up up UP!!

We are tossed here and there across the sky

Lost in joyful abandon

The beatific smile on our faces echoed in those around us

As our spirits reach that one place where everything, just for a moment

Is perfect.

Big and huge and sad and beautiful and wonderful and melancholy and ecstatic!

Our hearts reach out, and hold each other, rejoicing in this eruption of organized sound.

I called it a drug earlier, but I realize now that that’s wrong.

To call it a drug cheapens it.

It’s much MUCH more than that.

It’s… It’s an experience.

A transcendental journey, that never really ends.
Instead it pulls us along, lifting us up, so our feet are barely skimming the ground, as we dance and spin through it.

Music is our core, our expression.

You can taste it, see it, smell it, hear it, FEEL it.

You reach out and you KNOW it surrounds you, flows through you.

God, it’s amazing.

It is power and love and pain and REAL.

The music is here, and it IS LOUD!!!!

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