the short story project


sidney berry

to my best friend, thank you

 My best friend, she stays to the end she always says things that are to nice. she makes me feel like ive been to heaven and back. She never lets anyone hurt me.

She always has been there and never leaves to go and talk with the popular people and really listen when i vent out. She has never told anyone anything when i ask her not to. She speakes up when someone is getting bullyed.

She always calls to talk. and when i lash out and get mad, she doesent say mean things or say were not friends anymore. instead she got me my favourtie drink and gave it to me the next day.

she makes sure that no one sits alone or is alone.

This girl is to kind to be here she is the best person ive ever met and i am way to lucky to have her by my side.


This is for you, my best friend to the very end, to the nicest person to exist,


from: sidney 


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