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Dreamy Dorm Decor Ideas

It should probably come as no surprise that I absolutely LOVED decorating my dorm room. My hall mates freshman year joked that my room looked like something out of the PB Teen catalog (I’ll have to find pictures but they’re on my old hard drive!). My sister is heading back to college in about a week, and while I wish I could come with to help move her in, I’m also content browsing for dorm decor online. 😉 Because if I could do it again, I’d make my room a little less pink and a little more zen. For all of you ladies heading to college or grad school and living in a small dorm room, this post is for you! And the best part? A lot of it would transition super well to a post-grad apartment, too!

1) Forget those plastic crates from Target (I had several) and store textbooks and extra notebooks in this stylish basket (seriously wishing I had one of these in college…how chic?).

2) And speaking of chic, this would make the perfect pencil holder!

3) Swap out a standard dorm room desk chair for one of these and your room will look a little more grown up and more open (clear furniture is a great way to create the illusion of having more space).

4) Place this tray on top of your dorm dresser to keep perfumes, nail polishes, and necklaces within reach.

5) How perfect is this polka dot pillow?

6) I was certainly proud of my wall collage of photos, but this is a much easier option and (no more worrying about things falling down due to humidity!).

Oh, and also…I love a good classic tote and this one looks perfect for hauling supplies to and from class and the library! Side note: Did anyone else prefer working in their room to working in the library? I know you’re always told to find a study spot in the library, but I actually preferred writing papers on my bed #rebel.


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